Capital Yachts

From: Tom Matreyek  tommat@earthlink.net 
Category: Maintenance
Date: 08 Jul 1998


Just as an FYI for your members, there is a chandlery in Costa Mesa, CA (Minney's) that purchased the entire inventory of the Capital yard in late 1996. This included misc. parts, rudders, woodwork, etc. Most of it has not been sorted and Minney's will not look for a specific part for you but, if anyone would like a part, they are welcome to contact me and I will gladly try to (literally) dig it up for them no charge except the cost to get it to them. Additionally, there is a rigger here who worked at the Capital Yacht Factory Service Center in the late 1980's (I believe) and he, as you would expect, is very knowledgeable on Newports. I don't have his permission to post his name and # but I can put you in touch with him.

Accident Report -- Bow Strap failure, dis-masted 5/9/03

From: OASIS II, Hull # 1070, Newport Beach, CA
Category: Maintenance
Date: 04 Jul 2003


WARNING --- Inspect all bow straps leading to the underside of the furler or to the lower connection to the forestay! Latent manufacturing defect: When heliarc weld of anchor roller to the bow strap occurred at factory construction, we believe the steel crystalline structure perpendicular to weld weakened the streap, so that 21 years of exposure lead to progressive corrosion and fracture of the strap, just below the drilled hole through which the forestay is attached. The fracture was from inboard (adjacent to anchor roller bracket) and worked outboard over the years. Tri-annual marine surveys and shipyard replacement of standing rigging (18 months ago) failed to detect developing fracture. At dismasting, it was seen that less than 30% of bow strap showed clean metal; the inboard 70% of the 1.75" strap was reddened with corrosion of many years. INSPECT ALL BOW STRAP/ANCHOR ROLLER BRACKETS, TO ASSURE STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY. Experienced Marine Casualty surveyor had seen this failure a few times, but our Riggers never saw this kind of failure in their 26 years of work.